Brand Strategy

Fieldstone Counseling’s brand essence, tenets, and vision are where our name’s concept is first applied. These ideas are the things that unify our team internally to reach our community externally. Where the visual identity engages someone for a moment to draw them in, this brand strategy aims to provide our audience with a lasting understanding of what we do and why we do it.

Brand Essence

These short statements outline key concepts for people working within and alongside Fieldstone.

Lasting Hope for Life’s Hardships.

Mission Statement

We exist to engage with life’s experiences through clinically informed, biblically based, and Christ centered counsel.

Brand Promise

This is what a counselee explicitly says about Fieldstone Counseling.

Fieldstone Counseling earnestly sought to understand me. I didn’t feel preached at. I felt like they really put importance on listening to and knowing me before anything else. I expected to feel like I was talking to a doctor, and instead I felt like I was talking to a friend! They were honest with me whether I wanted to hear the truth or not—and I felt respected and served the whole time.

Brand Message

This is what Fieldstone Counseling implicitly says to the counselee.

At some point everyone will go through a season in which they need a friend to intentionally walk beside them; scripture tells us so. We’re here to walk beside you for this season, both as friends and skillfully trained counselors.

We might not know you well right now, but we’ll seek to understand you and the experience you’re going through. Fortunately for both of us, the Lord has always known you. Jesus is the best counselor that there is, so examining His truth is the best way to approach this season. Let’s look at this together.

Compassionate, Wise, Church Partner, Educated, Articulate, Reputable, Understanding, Holistic, Grow, Honor, Build, Strengthen, Help, Hope, Loving, Refuge, Healing

Brand Tenets

Fieldstone Counseling is characterized by these qualities and objectives.

Biblically Based

The worldview and positions of Fieldstone Counseling are concerned with Scriptural mandates—in this sense, our counsel regarding marital infidelity, sexual sin, addiction, use of substances, etc. may differ from secular peers in this sphere. Counseling in this setting maintains that God’s Word provides an abundance of insight into the nuances of the human condition; that it illuminates the nature of sin’s affect on a person’s soul, mind, and body; and that it offers and enables powerful healing through the proclamation of Christ’s redeeming grace.

Christ Centered

In focusing on the person of Jesus, Fieldstone Counseling aims to guide counselees to become more Christ-like. For Christian counselees this will generally manifest as wise counsel from fellow believers; for non-Christian counselees this pursuit of freedom from the consequences of human brokenness will rightfully yield an opportunity to learn about true and lasting hope through the gospel.

Clinically Informed

We realize that people come to us with diagnoses, medications and medical history. People are physically embodied, and should be cared for in a manner that respects the body.

We aspire to stay current with psychological research, scholarly articles and findings. We hope and aim to be an organization that is able to interact with our mental health peers, but in a way that brings gospel hope and light to every situation.

Our Vision

This manifesto outlines the spirit of purpose for which Fieldstone Counseling will strive.

We’re excited about transformation.

We’re excited about the radically transformative mercy of the Father through the saving work of Jesus Christ and the conviction of the Holy Spirit in a person’s life. We desire to add abundantly to the invisible church by seeing unbelieving people become committed followers of Jesus Christ—and to continually foster their mental, social, and spiritual well-being through comprehensive soul care.

We believe that there’s always hope.

We believe that through Christ there is always hope, and that this hope enables people to righteously change (Romans 5:1-11). Empowered by this truth, Fieldstone Counseling will invest in our church family and local community to ensure that Christ’s compassion, empathy, and wise counsel are a orded to those that need it: everyone. Perhaps most of all we are excited to extend this hope to those that have “already tried counseling” and believe that they’re too far gone to help; we will proclaim that the year of the Lord’s favor is upon them (Isaiah 61). We believe that the local church is the ideal environment for transformation, and will guide our counselees to investment there as the means for continuing growth in righteousness.

We no longer believe in quick fixes or simple answers.

While we respect and are indebted to the tradition of counseling that a host of contemporary Christian scholars, teachers, and authors have set forward, we no longer believe in quick fixes, short remedies, or simplistic answers. We believe that people are physically embodied by God’s design, and that clinically informed biblical counseling should thoughtfully examine a person’s moral response to physiological influence. In establishing this viewpoint, we acknowledge the spectrum of models that outline best practices for Christian counseling—we ascribe to one of several! As Christian brothers and sisters with our peers in this eld, we will express respect toward counselors ascribing to different models than our own, and strive for harmony between schools of thought in this discipline. Ultimately, we share a mission to see the person of Christ applied in people’s lives; Fieldstone Counseling will in turn seek to see right theology applied to lived experience.

We know that the Lord is the ultimate counselor.

Here’s what we know for sure: the best authoritative text on counseling the human experience is God’s word. To this end, we’re unashamedly positioning our services by highlighting our faith-based perspective on counseling. We prioritize the proclamation of the gospel as paramount to our success—not because evangelism is the sole end to which biblical counseling strives, but because the gospel is the means by which the most effective counseling anyone can offer is conducted (Isaiah 55).

Our primary goal is to direct our counselees to Christ.

In pointing our counselees to the “Wonderful Counselor” (Isaiah 9:6) we aim to preemptively dissuade anyone from adopting a counselor at Fieldstone as a savior. Our counselees shouldn’t see us as their means for respite; we are merely directing them to the source of peace and freedom for all who will take of it. Neither should anyone perceive a Fieldstone counselor as being cold or indifferent to their condition—we are not a clinic of technicians nor a team of pragmatists; we are a body of Christians, enabled with empathetic compassion for the poor in spirit.

Our counselees are just like us, and we are just like them.

Everyone who enters our doors should see us as fundamentally like themselves: people in need of guidance. By establishing our approachability hand-in-hand with our credibility, we will extend warmth and kindness to our counselees through seeking to incarnate Christ’s roles of Prophet, Priest, and King. In humility and with respect, we will affirm to our counselees that their experiences are known by the Lord—and that for freedom He came to set all people free (Galatians 5:1).

At the end of the day, we just want to glorify the Lord.

Since God’s truth is for everyone, we believe that our services could be fit for anyone. In this endeavor we yield in humility to the direction of the Lord in guiding our path forward, and will seek to consistently learn how to improve. This intersection in Parkside Church’s history is thrilling—and candidly, we just want to see if Fieldstone Counseling can be fruitful. When all is said and done, we just want to offer people the hope of the gospel in order that they might live flourishing lives as the Lord has intended for them. In all things we want to glorify the Lord and to seek refuge in Him while helping others to follow suit.